Here at Maplewood Bullets, all casting is done by hand; with electric bottom pour furnaces. No automated machines here. Sizing is done with a Lyman Luber Sizer (We also offer cast bullets that are not lubed or sized, if you would prefer to do that yourself), after a visual inspection.

The alloy is made from mostly scrapped wheel weights (wheelweight BHN 13 is a very good rifle alloy all by itself), mixed with pure lead to soften or linotype to harden. I use LBT’s Hardness Tester and a digital scale to maintain consistency batch to batch. All muzzleloader projectiles are pure (BHN 6) lead.

I will make any BHN alloy you want, sized as desired, in rifle or handgun bullets. I would like to work with you, and fit you with the best match for your needs, be they rifle handgun or muzzleloader.

Ed at Maplewood Bullets