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by Darron Smith on Maplewood Bullets
.38-55 bullets

Almost 2 years ago,I talked with Ed and bought some of the gas checked bullets for my .38-55 Marlin Cowboy. I bought the bullets to hunt with. I had tried other cast bullets from other companies and they were just to hard. The softer bullets are 280 grains. They shot great and I was pleased with them. some of the guys at the range can’t believe the accuracy I can get from a cast bullet and an open sighted lever gun, when the groups rival there scoped bolt rifle groups at 100 yards. Well, this past deer season (2015) I was able to use these Maplewood’s bullet to kill a deer. The bullet performed wonderfully and I could not have been more pleased.Thanks and I’m glad I found these bullets.Darron

by George Davenport on Maplewood Bullets

Had met Ed at a couple Gun Shows in the past. Bought some brass from him at a show, as that is what I deal in. Ed mentioned that he had more brass, and so I set up a time to come a buy it. Ed took the time to let me pick his brain about being in business, etc. We had a great chat, and I left there alot more educated about some things than when I arrived. Ed is proof that once you get successful, you don’t have to turn in to an a**hole like some folks in the business. Looking for good products at a great price? Then get a hold of Ed. Don’t ship your hard earned dollars to the big boys and get turned in to a number. Buy from Ed and know that you are supporting a local guy who is a good old boy.

by Al Rittenhouse on Maplewood Bullets
475 Bullets

I contacted Ed over the phone about casting bullets for my Freedom Arms 475 Linebaugh. He didnt currently have a mould but was willing to cast the bullets if we could come up with one. We aquired a mould and Ed now has a mould that works very nicely for the Freedom Arms guns. Those of us with the 475 know its difficult to find a very good selection. Ed has also gone above and beyond in working with me in not only the lubing part of the bullets but also in the shipping of these bigger bullets. Can’t thank Ed enough and he has been first class to work with. I highly reccomend Ed. Al Rittenhouse

.379 bullets in 1893 38-55 Marlin

These bullets are fantastic. I have been shooting them out of my first year production 1893 Marlin and the results are very consistent. Ed obviously takes a lot of pride in his work.

by Joseph Hawkins on Maplewood Bullets
.375 cast round balls…

I met Ed in 2010. He has taught me so much about the proper care of percussion revolvers. I shoot the .375 round balls he casts out of my .36 pietta remington police revolver as I did out of the .36 pietta navy colt I used to own and I can hit a 6 ounce pop can consistently at 15 yards with those balls. He does a great job.

by Herb Meyer on Maplewood Bullets
shooting cast bullets

I stared shooting cast bullets a few years ago, but wasnt particularly impressed. After talking with Ed, I started acting on his advice. With his bullets I have experienced geat accuracy, less recoil, and of course, I can shoot more, because cast bullets are cheaper. I have never had any leading problems, and it seems easier to clean up than with jacketed bullets.

5 star PLUS rating

by Marc and Angela Sherman on Maplewood Bullets
Cast bullets

We met Ed a couple of years ago and found his knowledge and willingness to share information on reloading a great pleasure. We use several different cast bullets and they shoot great. He’s always available if we have a reloading question and helps to figure out issues that arise. Great service!

by Brian Mason on Maplewood Bullets
Five star plus

I,ve done busness with Maplewood Bullets for a couple of years now and
simply put Eds the best. his bullets are consistant in weight and size and shoot great. and are very reasonably priced.His service is outstanding. He always makes time to work with me to develop loads that will do just what I want He has
even delivered to my home when I couldnt get out to his shop! He also carries
bullet lube and other hard to find items for the black powder shooter maplewood
bullets is the best thanks Ed Brian Mason

by Jeff Kirkwood on Maplewood Bullets

I have bought many bullets for my muzzle loading arms and found that none were all that acurate. so i went to ed at maplewood bullets where he tried different cast bullets in my inline 50 cals and found that the maxi ball works best for my rifles.these bullets are very accurate and seem to give me more knock down power thanks ed

by Matt Tuttle on Maplewood Bullets
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